Jayashree Radhakrishnan
Ms. Jayashree Radhakrishnan is the Founder and the Principal of Vruksha Montessori School. She has a bachelor’s degree in music from University of Madras in India. Jayashree started her career in the year 1990 as a kindergarten teacher and moved on to teach in a Montessori school. In addition, Ms Jayashree has done a kindergarten training and Montessori Teacher training from the Indian Montessori Centre – Tamil Nadu chapter. She has done an orientation programme in Primary from the IMC – Tamil Nadu chapter. Ms Jayashree has been teaching in Montessori schools in Chennai for last 15 years. She speaks and writes fluent Tamil. Her passion for children is coupled with her love for Music and Dance.

Nandini Joshi
Ms. Nandini Joshi is a Founder and the Coordinator of Vruksha Montessori School. She has a Master’s Degree in Statistics and Operations research from the University of Pune.

She has completed her Diploma in Systems Analysis and started her career teaching in a Computer Science Institute to young professionals.

Her love for children made her change her career and she has been teaching children in various schools for the last 10 years. She has also done an orientation programme in Primary from the IMC – Tamil Nadu chapter. In addition to English she can speak and write Marathi and Hindi.

About Us

The development of personal dignity and ability in each child – no matter how young – is one of the most valuable and permanent benefits of Montessori education.


The curriculum and the environment are designed with the child in mind. Vruksha curriculum caters to the groups: Toddlers, Pre- primary and Primary……

Other activities

With the guiding principle of all-round development, Vruksha lays equal emphasis on, out of classroom activities. The children are exposed to life around them in a practical manner, so that they are not limited to theoretical and ‘bookish’ knowledge.

Faculty & Environment

All our faculty teachers have undergone their Montessori training from CMTC – Tamil Nadu Chapter. Vruksha has two teachers in each environment and are assisted by a helper.